Migration Services

ITE is authorized sales & training partner of Redhat. Redhat is the second leading Operating system Company across the Globe. We are ready to help you at every step if your planning to Migrate from Pirated Windows to Free and opensource Linux. Linux is Beautiful & smart !! Best example is Android phone in your hand. It is opensource, zero cost and virus free operating system with N number of opportunities and extension.

Future Of Linux

Now maximum devices in the world are using Linux. Using a Linux based operating system will help you to maximize the security & minimize the threat of Virus. Now many organizations in India like ISRO, Indian Armed Forces, Indian Railways, State Bank of India, LIC, Madhya Pradesh Police, ICICI Bank, Judicial Academy, LNCT Group of Colleges, Surevin BPO Services, Fandoo Vacations and other Big Corporates, use Free Linux.

Advantages To You

Using Linux Based operating system is very much cost effective.There is no issue of Piracy at all with free updates for life time. Other then cost, Linux is 100 % virus free operating system and also it provides world’s best security to maintain your data & information. We will also provide free training of 7 seven days to your employees on usage of Linux operating system in their comfortable timings, if you are planning to migrate from Windows to Linux.

Free Demo

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